Our History

JinKorp International has become a leading player in global lodging services industry, with business growing expansively over the last 6 years. Started by Mr. Balesh Jindal, CEO and MD with no investment, the lodging company has grown significantly through its own might and without any infusion of external funds. In 2008, JinKorp was the first Indian travel company to commence overseas operations in North America. As a popular lodging company, JinKorp is the exclusive partner to many leading lodging companies in North America. Beating the economic slowdown in 2008, this company plummeted to its success by meeting the requirements of the clients effectively. The workforce tripled after the economic slowdown and the company processes were scaled up to meet the growing business.

JinKorp has an in-house training facility and a world-class office that aids in its professional development. Emphasis on quality training has resulted in a professional and knowledgeable team that can handle process management and customer service effectively. Having an edge over our competitors with efficient skills, Jinkorp has earned the reputation of being the trusted travel partner for most of the affluent companies for their corporate lodging solutions. We provide quality employment opportunities to the deserved and skilled candidates with knowledge in the travel industry. Our count of employees at 75 is steadily increasing as we tend to grow larger and provide a wider range of corporate travel solutions.

JinKorp has recorded a successful growth rate of 50% continuously since its inception. Our meticulous hard work and dedication has built an unbeatable reputation of honesty, integrity and morality in the travel industry. Adorned with the values of transparent processes and our assurance of the ‘Lowest rate booked’, to our clients, we maintain a high standard of business ethics. Our valued principles and client relations have been impeccable, and we have never faltered in our promises till date. We believe in contributing towards a nation that supports self-sufficiency for all citizens in the society.